What is software?

Suppose you have a garments industry and you want to have a software where all data of the garments workers will be enlisted. You will be able to access how many workers are there in your industry, their address, and all other required information you want. Professional software developers will hear your requirements, and they develop the required software.

Software development is the process of developing, designing, and supporting software using various software development technologies and programming(Java,C, C ++, etc.).

What do we offer?

There are different classes of software for various purposes. The three basic types are –

  • System software: This type of software is developed to run a system(computer, mobile, etc. ). Some system software examples are Operating systems ( Windows, Android, Linux, IOS, etc. ), disk management software, hardware management software, and other necessary software to run and maintain the operating systems.
  • Programming software: These software types are developed to provide programming tools such as compilers, text editors, debuggers, etc.
  • Application software: Application software is widely popularly known as “apps.” Some examples can help you comprehend the purpose very quickly and uses of these software: mobile app like Bkash, camera, Facebook app and desktop app like data management software, media player, word processors, adobe photoshop, etc. the examples of application software.

Our software engineers, one of the best engineers in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh, offer you all these classes of software, and we are also always open to hear from you and build any custom software according to your requirements in due course, in your budget.

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