Shadow Creation is a photo editing service used to make products more attractive and appeal to the target customers. Without a shadow effect, products will look like floating in the air; therefore, this service can bring a more natural and realistic vibe to the target product image. This brings more professionalism to the looks of the product, creating more appeal to the customers.

There are three types of shadow effect we offer you can use for your product image :
1. Drop shadow: This type of effect is created for the products by removing the background from the target photo and applying a custom shadow in it. This effect brings a 3D effect illusion to the audience.
2. Natural Shadow: Some products already have their own shadow, and customers want the shadow to be kept. In this case, we keep the natural shadow of the product and modify it a bit for the appropriate impression.
3. Floating Shadow: We apply this type of shadow effect for the products; customers want to be visualized as suspended from the base.

Shadow effect service is one of the most demanding and complicated graphics designing skills in the photo editing industry. Therefore without professional graphics designers, it’s hard to get quality service. Our long experienced graphics designer team, one of the best in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh is always open to hearing from you. We are committed to ensuring you the perfect and best service at an affordable cost.

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