What is Ghost Mannequin?
Ghost mannequin, which is also referred to as invisible mannequin,is commonly used by brands to give a 3D effect on the apparel. Brands ask for ghost mannequin photography and editing to remove the actual mannequin itself but keep the 3D visual impact, which allows its visitors to check how the apparel fits with a life-like body.

Why are we unique in this field?
Our experienced and professional team ensures while working regarding ghost mannequin photography and editing:
1. Choosing the right mannequin: We all know who is familiar with this sector; there are various types of mannequin. It’s essential to pick the right one.
2. We work on the cloth that will be appeared on the mannequin.
3. We always use a tripod.
4. We use clips and pins to adjust the appearance of the mannequin. Since we know very well, the poor appearance may create a dull impression on the audience.
5. We stress every single detail about the appearance.
6. Right light exposure and the best angle and direction are one of the key element to us.
7. Our creative and professional graphics designing team always aware of filtering every unpleasant part of the photography and adept at correcting any defects.
8. We work on a proper graphical impression to ensure the appropriate visual expression.
9. Delivering quality service in due time, in just expenditure is our one of the basic principle.

We are always open to any of your queries and requirement. Knock us anytime in our Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh office.

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